The Next Generation of 3D Content Creation.

Modo offers you 3D modeling, sculpting, rendering, animation and effects in one powerful package. A solution that delivers pure power, easy-to-use and refined technology and robust workflows. That's why Modo has been embraced by reputable design and visualization studios all around the world.

Modo uses a 3D technique called SubD Modeling, which is really easy to use. Read all about SubD Modeling here.

Why Modo?

  • Ultimate Freedom of Form - Modo offers you a unique combination of 3D modeling and sculpting tools. Modo's SubD-Surface modeling technology lets you explore and create everything you could imagine.
  • Instant Results - Modo offers easy-to-use workflows and a fully customizable user interface that is unmatched in any other 3D software. In Modo it's not about if you can make it, it's about how quickly you can create it.
  • Value for Money - Modo offers highly-integrated modeling, painting, sculpting, rendering, animation and effects all in one high-end solution at a price which is remarkable in its market.
  • Perfect Companion for 3D Printing - 3D Printing is becoming an essential part of the design process. With Modo you can export STL-files of your designs, so you can not only design what you want, but you can also 3D print any shape you want.

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Modo 12.1 officially available!

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Windows 7 - 10
Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.12
Linux RHEL 6.8+ & CentOS7+

**ONLY 64-Bit versions**

Intel 4Core 2.5Ghz or higher
16GB RAM or higher
OpenGL 4.4 Video Card 2+ GB

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