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Rhinoceros: 3D NURBS modeling for Windows & Mac

Looking for free form modeling, great rendering and product animation at an affordable price? Don't look any further.




Design8 offers Rhinoceros, the well known design tool for product designers, architects and anyone wanting to explore accurate and complex free-form 3D shapes.

Rhino works seamlessly together with SharkCAD Pro, SketchUp Pro and even Artlantis.

What is Rhino

Rhino offers two versions, a version for Windows and an all-new version for Mac OSX:

    Rhino for Windows   Rhino for Mac
  € 995,-
  € 695,-
Versatile 3D modeling
Where you find free-form shapes, you will find Rhino...
NURBS tools
Flexible and accurate, NURBS models can be used from concept to production...
Mesh tools
Read and repair meshes and extremely challenging files...
Analysis tools
Ensure that the models used throughout your process are the highest quality...
Drafting tools
Easy to create drawings & illustrations for every discipline in any notation system...
Support included
No annual maintenance. No support tickets. No bureaucracy. Free, unlimited support is included with all McNeel products.
Stylistic display modes
Real-time display modes for quick visualization...
Compatibility with all your other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software...
Python, Command macros,RhinoScript and Script editor on Windows. Python and Command macros on Mac.
Arrange views, annotate, and plot...
Plugin Support
Rich plugin ecosystem, C/C++ and .NET APIs & SDKs, Examples & Documentation
Programming...no code required.
Efficient collaboration on large projects
Animation Tools
Basic camera and sun animation tools for quick and easy visualizations. Rhino does not include tools for animating objects.

* Plugins for Rhino on Mac OS X are limited


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Additional Rhino Applications

Rhino is complemented with 3 additional applications:


For Photorealistic Rendering
of your Rhino designs.


For NON-Photorealistic Rendering
of your Rhino designs.


For Animating
your Rhino designs.



Rendering and Animation Bundles

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Available Now
Windows 7 or higher
Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher

Dual Core Processor
3D Video Card (OpenGL)

Buy & Pricing
Rhino 3D for Windows has got an advice selling price of:

€ 995,-

Rhino 3D for Mac OS X has got an advice selling price of:

€ 695,-

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