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Phil Frank - Saleen S7

Phil Frank, founder and Principal of Phil Frank Design, has developed a diverse and exciting range of products combining innovation and practicality. One of his most regarded accomplishments is the design of the Saleen S7, America's Supercar. This car is designed to compete with the fastest, quickest and best handling grand touring cars in the world.


Phil Frank was the first designer who used Rhino's full potential in the exterior and interior development of a true production car. We'll show you the stages of his designs, from sketch to end result!

Saleen S7 - From sketch to end result

This is the supercar that is modelled in Rhino! We will now show you the stages from sketch to end result!

Interior design
Exterior design
Image Image
Wireframe in Rhino
Wireframe in Rhino
Image Image
Surface in Rhino
Surface in Rhino
Image Image
End result
End result
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