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The latest version of Rhinoceros is:

Rhinoceros 5.0

Upgrading to Rhinoceros 5 costs only € 495,- excl. BTW. Please check our pricing section for all other prices and eventual special promotions.

Rhino 5 for Mac OS X (June, 2015)

Everything what's in Rhino 5 for Windows, except:
  • Layouts
  • Grasshopper
  • Plug-in support
  • Plug-in development tools
  • Solidworks File I/O
  • Worksessions
  • Animation tools
  • Paneling Tools
  • Czech, Polish, or Portuguese
  • Zoo server on OS X.
    (Rhino for Mac will work with a Zoo server on Windows)

New in Rhino 5 (February 26, 2012)

Rhino 5 contains over 2000 new features and enhancements, from which you can find a selection here:

General Enhancements

  • Windows 8 support;
  • 64-Bit support: Rhino 5 now supports 64-bit operating systems, so it can handle larger projects perfectly;
  • Display Enhancements: Rhino 5 is faster than ever, very fast;
  • ...

Modelling Features

  • Gumball: for dynamically move, rotate and scale geometry;
  • Curve Piping: turn any curve into a 3D pipe;
  • Shell: hollow out a volume to a certain wall thickness;
  • Section tool: create a dynamic section of your model in real time;
  • Surface Offset for thickening the body;
  • 2D Technical Drawings now acts as viewports on a layout;
  • ...


  • Automatic Image Save: the last rendering is automatically saved in a .rimage file;
  • Open Rhino Image Files (.rimage);
  • Clipping Planes are now supported;
  • Environment: the current environment is reflected in reflective objects, provides the skylight colors and intensities, and can be displayed as the scene background;
  • Background: the scene background can be a solid color, a gradient color, a wallpaper, an environment or transparent;
  • Custom Preset Sizes: Favorite image sizes can be saved;
  • Render Window: enhanced displaying e.g. RGB channels;
  • Bake: gathers an object's textures and decals into a bitmap file and assigns that bitmap as object's texture;
  • Basic Materials: materials are now supporting reflectivity, procedural textures, HDRI, Blend material, Composite material, Emission color, Ambient color and diffuse lighting;
  • Decal: Applies an image over a selected portion of an object;
  • EnvironmentEditor: Adds and edits rendering environments;
  • GroundPlane: Opens the Ground Plane panel to set ground plane options;
  • Libraries: Opens the Libraries panel where materials, textures and environments can be saved and retrieved;
  • RPC: RPC objects (Rich Photorealistic Content) are now supported and can be animated;
  • Saving textures in Rhino files is now an option;
  • SynchronizeRenderColors: Updates object material colors so they match with their current display colors;
  • Named Views: Cameras have a new Widget interface, which can be used to place or edit the camera and target location and set the vield of view;
  • Two Point Perspective;
  • Sun and Skylight are now supported;
  • Lights Intensity: lights have an intensity setting seperate from their color;
  • Mesh Modifiers: Render-time mesh modifiers add small details without substantially increasing the Rhino file size, like shutlining and softening of edges;
  • ApplyDisplacement: Adds displacement to a render mesh based on a bitmap or procedural texture;
  • Image post-processing tools: like exposure, fog, glow, glare, depth-of-field and many others;
  • Animation Tools have been improved;
  • ...
Read the complete list here!
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Available Now
Windows Vista or higher
Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher

Dual Core Processor
3D Video Card (OpenGL)

Buy & Pricing
Rhino 3D for Windows has got an advice selling price of:

€ 995,-

Rhino 3D for Mac OS X has got an advice selling price of:

€ 695,-

Click here for all prices and how to purchase the software.

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