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Kite Concepts

For development companies 'Van der Heijden' and 'Van der Maazen', Kite Concepts made a video pitch explaining 'New Living'. The video is meant to convince the municipality that 'Hoeve 3' will be the best construction project for the parcels that has been released. 'Hoeve 3' is a living concept which includes all living trends in the economic, social and sustainable area. This video gives a bright and clear view of all the possibilities and benefits 'New Living' offers in 'Hoeve 3'. The houses are designed by an architect using SketchUp Pro. Kite Concepts created the animation from text to setting up scenes.

Kite Concepts

Veldman | Rietbroek | Smit

Commissioned by the City of Leiden, architect company Veldman | Rietbroek | Smit investigated the storefronts on the Prinsessekade, Turfmarkt and Haarlemmerstraat in the latest 19th century, early 20th century.

The old situations are detailled in 2D and drawn in a 3D model with SketchUp Pro. The city wants to encourage shopkeepers to bring the storefronts back to its original state.

The images are reconstructed using old photos. The drawings show much richer decorated streets. In most cases, natural stone and wooden fronts are visualized for the restauration projects.

Koen & Co - Walking Stick Clip

The Walking Stick Clip is an idea from mr. Marcus and the winner of the Dutch TV-show "Best Idea of the Netherlands". SBS6 Broadcast asked Koen&Co to help finalizing the design of this innovative product. The design was taken a step further and was presented during the final of the show by the replacer of mr. Marcus (he sadly passed away), mr. Wim de Vroet. The industrial designers of Koen&Co used SketchUp Pro to visualize this walking stick clip in an early stage. By making use of the sketchy look of SketchUp Pro images, this helped communicate better that the design still needed improvements.


What makes the design so special is that it provides a solution for a long standing problem in an increasing market. Putting the walking stick against a surface incurres the danger of the stick starting to slide to the floor. Typically, users of such sticks aren't able to pick it up very easily.

With the walking stick clip of mr. Marcus, the stick is clamped easlily to any horizontal surface, leaving elderly people longer independant. Koen&Co improved the design by developing a smart clip mechanism as well as a hook so that the stick is also easily hung up anywhere.


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