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Inspire Case: Wayne State Warrior Racing

Evolve Case: Funnel

Here you will find the workflow of working out a funnel in 3D and printing it on a 3D printer.

1. Single Curve

One single curve is drawn in solidThinking Evolve, in the ground plane. Its curvature is smooth as can be seen in the Curvature Plot. The lines that stand on the curve don't show any 'jump'. This curve has been copied around the origin three times, resulting in a profile that is completely linked to the original curve.

2. Copy Curve

The profile as a whole is copied above and scaled, again making sure it is linked to the original profile in the ground plane. At this moment, we have two profiles that are completely linked to the original curve. Should this curve be altered, then both profiles will change.

3. Extrude Curve

The profile in the ground plane is extruded as a straight surface with a certain height.

4. Twist Surface

This extruded surface is then twisted using the Twist tool.

5. Extrude Curve

The top profile is also extruded straight to the above.

6. Blend Surface

Then, between the two surfaces we have put smooth surfaces: blend surfaces.

7. Tweak Blends

The blend surfaces are tweaked using numerical values to the shape that is right in the eye of the designer.

8. Close

The bottom and top of the shape are closed using flat caps, resulting in a closed, solid shape.

9. Shell

This closed solid then is shelled with a certain wall thickness.

10. Ready

The result is a beautiful funnel.

11. Print it in 3D

The 3D model then is exported as STL file and read into the 3D printer software.

12. Plastic Funnel Ready

The result is a funnel that fits perfectly in a bottle neck, and offers the liquid a fantastic flow through the warped shape. Because the section is not round, openings are left between the funnel and bottle neck so that air can flow out of the bottle freely during the process of poring liquid. Because of the under cutting in the shape, this funnel can basically only be made by the 3D printing process.

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