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Design8 starring on National Television

February 14, 2017

Experience the future with 3D and Virtual Reality.

In our current society, 3D and Virtual Reality take an increasingly important position. This will only be more in the future. In the Dutch TV show 'Bouwen aan de Toekomst' (translated: 'Building the Future') our Managing Director Orlando Sardaro explains which role these two aspects will fulfill in the design industries and what the expectations are for the future. For example: could everyone print their designs on a 3D printer in the future? Curious for more? Watch 'Bouwen aan de Toekomst'!

TV Show: 'Bouwen aan de Toekomst' - Saturday February 18, 15:30 CET at SBS6

This Saturday (February 18, 2017), everything about 3D and Virtual Reality can be seen in the broadcast of 'Bouwen aan de Toekomst': an informative program on various innovations and developments, with a special view on the future in various sectors. The program shows which possiblities there are for a better future. 'Bouwen aan de Toekomst' is a program for both entrepreneurs and consumers. Eventually, the future concerns all of us.

Replay: 'Bouwen aan de Toekomst' - Sunday February 19, 15:00 CET at SBS6

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