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MODO 11.1 is here!

July 3, 2017

MODO 11.1 is available for download now. The update for this high-end SubD modeler contains the following improvements:

  • Modeling workflow
    • Revamped Topology Pen
    • Revamped Smooth Tool
    • More dynamic Falloffs
    • Loop Slice Tool enhancements (functionality & workflow)
    • Radial Sweep enhancements (functionality & workflow)
    • Enhanced procedural modeling features, including new UV create and smooth operators
  • UV workflow
    • Efficiently arrange UV maps with the new UV coverage indicator
    • Easily separate or move and position UVs more fluidly with the new Box Transform tool
    • Easier detecting problems with UV layouts
    • Easier maintaining uniform texture detail
    • Enhanced UV to SVG export
  • Advanced Viewport
    Better visual quality and better interactive performance.
  • Vertex Normal & Baking
    • Support for object space normal map baking
    • New Use Polygon Area Smoothing option
    • Two new options for vertex illumination baking control what is baked and output
    • Contextual menu command that will bake either occlusion, illumination, normal, displacement or texture effects
  • Preview Render
    • Maximum Progressive Render Time
    • Scripting the Preview Viewport
    • Preview Convergence based on Primary Render Output
    • Preview Full Resolution Zoom snaps
  • File I/O & Alembic Improvements
    Geometry can now be transferred using enhanced Alembic streaming, greatly speeding up the rate at which large scenes of animated data transfer to other applications.
  • Unreal Bridge
    Enhancement of the direct connection to Unreal Engine 4, allowing entire scenes or selected elements of a scene to be pushed and updated. The connection can be remote, on the same machine or across multiple machines in a network.
  • Better out of the box experience
    • Drag and drop channels onto mesh items in your scene to turn them into users channels
    • Setting, Loading, Saving Scene Thumbnails
    • Create Scene Templates and Load from the Preset Browser
    • Disable GL Textures and GL Color Overrides
    • 3D Viewport Matcaps, UV Textures, and Environments


MODO 11.1 is available as a free update for all users of MODO 10. To update your MODO 11 to 11.1, please go to our download section and download the latest version there.

If you are new to MODO (11.1), you can also download a free trial for evaluation. If you are excited about MODO 11.1, you can obtain your (upgrade) license for MODO 11.1 through our webshop.

Happy Modeling!

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