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Introducing Modo 12!

April 10, 2018

Modo 12 is officially available and delivers additions and enhancements in several key areas!

What's New in Modo 12?

Enhanced model-bashing
Assembly-based 3D construction with mesh presets that can be seamlessly added to the creative process making ideation incredibly fast and easy.

A more Immersive experience
Review content with an embedded VR viewport right within Modo to create a uniquely immersive experience, powerful sense of scale, and interactivity.

Iterative design
Create smart assets and infinite design variations with the expanded procedural capabilities.

Connected interoperability
Push, pull or simply move your Modo data to more applications with the innovative client-server bridge to Unreal and now Unity - plus the addition of other new formats like glTF 2.0.

Approachable animation
Enhanced animation experience including improved workflows to easily retime, repurpose, combine, and adjust animation actions.


Click here to download Modo 12 and give this new version a try.

Convinced of the possibilities?

  • Users with a valid Maintenance
    Everyone who is using Modo 11 and is having an active Maintenance, will receive a free upgrade to Modo 12! The product will simply be added to your account at the Foundry website.
  • Users without a valid Maintenance
    To get your Modo 12 license, you can buy an annual maintenance (late renewal) on your license in our webshop. Maintenance includes the latest version of Modo and technical support.
  • Not using MODO yet?
    Place your order in our webshop and you will receive your license and download link as soon as possible.

Click here for all Modo 12 prices.

Happy Modeling!

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