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Answers to common DWG issues

Why are my imported objects not displaying?

DWG supports layers. Try turning on layers using the Window:Concepts Explorer.

Why do imported objects only display when selected?

AutoCAD defaults to a black background with white objects. Check to see if you have white objects on a white background by selecting everything in the drawing with the Edit:Select All tool.

Why can't I change the color of an object imported from DWG?

DWG supports layer color overrides. Check to see if the file has a color override using Window:Concepts Explorer.

How can I tell how many objects were imported?

Select the Verify:Object Counts command to display quantity and types of objects imported.

DWG Exports from Shark are empty in my non AutoCAD application.

Shark exports precision NURB data into the DWG file using SAT. SAT is the native format by Shark and AutoCAD for 3D modeling data based on the ACIS kernel. The application reading the DWG file generated from Shark must be able to read this data type in, unfortunately many do not. If your third party application does not support SAT within DWG, export the file as R12. When exporting to R12, the precision NURB data is converted into three and four sided facets, supported by most DWG readers.

Objects are Too Big/Small

The units in the file may be different. Try using a different unit setting on import.

Imported DWG File is Empty

The DWG file may have Proxy Objects which are not supported in ViaCAD or Shark products. Proxy objects are created by ObjectARX© applications, such as AutoCAD Architectural and embedded in the file. To support ObjectARX data, you will need to explode the data into meshes from the original application. Example ObjectARX objects include smart Walls, Doors, Roofs, or Windows from AutoCAD Architectural.
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I really like ViaCAD Pro, you really get a lot of features for a very fair price. Of course there are always these small things, but for my designs I could create the same things as in soldiWorks, etc. Cool!

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