Artlantis Functions


Create realistic light effects

The sun is adjustable by location, time, date and even manually. And even artificial light can be placed on every spot in your object. When the sun shines, the artificial light won't have much influence. But when the sun sets, the artificial light will light up your model. Artlantis offers the possibility to import downloaded IES profiles to simulate realistic illumination of your projects.


Create your own sky

Create your own realistic sky by adjusting the position of the sun and the combination of a range of clouds: cirrus, cumulonimbus and stratus.


Dress your models with realistic textures and objects

Simply drag & drop textures and objects into your scene. Attributes like reflection, shininess and normal mapping can be finetuned. And there are also objects with pre-defined behaviour, like plants and trees which are looking different every season.


HDRI background

With an HDR image you can get your scene's lighting and environment variables from a picture! In this way, your scene's lighting, reflections and shadows look more realistic.

Watch this feature on YouTube.


Render very quickly with the FastRadiosity Engine

Because Artlantis uses the FastRadiosity Engine and enhanced support for multi-processors, you will make the most incredible renderings in no time!


Insert your 3D model in a photo

You can insert your 3D model with a few simple mouse clicks in an existing photo. Without the need to retouch the photo first!


Give your rendering your own style

Post-process your renderings inside Artlantis and give them a pastel or sketchy look!


Present your model in different ways

With Artlantis Render, you can create still renderings. But when you're using Artlantis Studio, you can put your model in motion.

Make fly-throuhgs or fly-arounds and let objects move. And with an Interactive 360-degree Panorama you create a realistic and interactive presentation of your virtual model, which you can use on the web, iPad or iPhone! Check out Artlantis Studio's extra features here.


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Artlantis 7

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Windows 7 - 10
Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.12

Intel i7 4Core 3GHz or higher
16GB RAM or higher
2 GB Video Card (OpenGL)

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