SU Podium Functions

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Material Properties
In Sketchup Pro you can select a texture which you'd like to edit. The best way is to pick it out of SketchUp's Material browser or with the i-dropper tool. Once you have selected a texture, you can edit your material with:

  • Reflections
    Add reflections to your materials. This slider is connected with the diffuse and transparency slider, so you'll always have a realistic image of your material.
  • Refractions
    This is where light waves bend when passing through a material or bouncing at it.
  • Bump Depth
    Add bump maps to your material to create a subtle effect on it.
  • Light power
    Pick a texture and add light power to it. This will turn your textures into a Light Emitting Material.

Light Properties
Besides the Light Emitting Materials (see material properties), SU Podium offers you lighting options like:

  • Omni lights
    Omni lights will create an artifial light source which shines in every direction. Very useful if you need to illuminate a dark scene without the need to place fixtures. With omni lights you can also choose between soft and hard shadows.
  • Spot lights
    Using the Podium Light Sytems you can create spot lights in SU Podium. Spot lights will create a light beam in one direction. With the spot lights you have control over the angle, width, colour and power of the beam.
  • Sky light
    One of the options for your image's background is sky light. You can use sky light to illuminate your scene in a very natural way by controlling the sun light exposure and intensity. In that way you'll never get an over or under exposed image of your design.

Other options
Besides the material and light properties, SU Podium offers you other options to improve the quality of your render:

  • SU Podium Browser
    SU Podium Browser is a SketchUp plug-in that lets you download 3D light fixtures (with SU Podium lights), 2D face-me plants, 3D plants and high resolution textures from a web server directly into your SketchUp model simply by selecting and dropping items from the SU Podium Browser directly into your SketchUp model. SU Podium Browser will be installed together with SU Podium. The SU Podium Browser has also got a Paid Content section, with hundreds of extra advanced 3D light fixtures, 3D plants, 3D furnishings, 3D exterior items, and Podium Materials. Please check the Buy & Pricing section for the most recent price of the Paid Content for SU Podium Browser.
  • Podium Panoramas
    Podium Panoramas is a tool to create 360-degree panoramas from 3D models, so they could be presented to customers in an interactive way. The panorama will be exported as a HTML code, so it can be presented on a website.
  • Background setting
    For your background you have three options, you can pick the SketchUp background to render along or you can choose to use sky light for improving the quality and realism of your image. Last option is to choose for a transparent background so you can easily add your own sky background to the rendered image.
  • Clay Render
    If your design is in one the first stages, the clay render mode makes it easy to present a concept or a volume study. This option effectively removes all textures and renders it with the same plain colour. Transparency and lights will be rendered as normal.


Dutch-NetherlandsEnglish (United Kingdom)
Windows 7 - 10
Mac OS X 10.9 - 10.11

Dual Core Processor
3D Video Card 1+ GB

Buy & Pricing
SU Podium has got an advice selling price of:

€ 169,-

Click here for all prices and a list of value added resellers.

Podium Browser

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