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KeyShot 8

Design8 is excited to announce the newest release of KeyShot, KeyShot version 8!

KeyShot 8 Features

KeyShot 8 includes the following new features and enhancements:
  • Cutaway
    The Cutaway feature in KeyShot 8 allows you to use geometry to cutaway other geometry. The Cutaway material allows you to define the material for the Cutaway Caps.
  • Geometry Displacement (Pro)
    Displace is a geometry shader that allows you to modify the polygons of an object through the use of displacement maps (textures). Displacement maps define the topology of a material similar to a bump map but instead of simulating the height of a surface it actually modifies it.
  • Scattering Medium (Pro only!)
    You can now render Flakes (Pro), Bubbles (Pro) and Smoke in any object and material.
  • Liquid Interfaces (Pro only!)
    The approach to rendering liquids has been completely updated to support nested dielectrics and make rendering liquids much faster and easier. Previously, separate surfaces for the different liquid-glass and liquid-air interfaces were needed for accurate appearance. Now, separate surfaces for liquid-glass and liquid-air interfaces are no longer required.
  • Image Styles
    Image Styles is a new feature that provides the ability to provide photographic adjustments to the KeyShot scene prior to or after rendering. Multiple Image Styles may be created and added to a list for a range of different styles that can be used in KeyShot Studios. The Photographic option includes adjustments for Tone-Mapping, Curve control, Color adjustments, Background color override, and the ability to apply a Front plate.
  • Many more new features and updates...
    Click here to see the complete list of new features and updates.

Try & Buy

Click here to go to the KeyShot download section and give the new version of KeyShot a try! Convinced of the possibilities? Buy your (upgrade) license in our webshop today and you will be rendering with KeyShot 8 as soon as possible!

Click here for the most recent prices of KeyShot 8.

Happy Rendering!

An informal meeting of SketchUp Pro users and Experts from the Netherlands and Belgium. Share experiences with each other and learn from each other; a useful, but especially enjoyable evening for the devoted SketchUp Pro user!

Tuesday evening, September 4 is the moment: the very first SketchUp Pro Café will be organized at Ribs Factory Amersfoort. SketchUp Pro Café is an initiative of SketchUp Studio (Authorized Training Center) and SketchUp Pro distributor Design8 bv. SketchUp Pro Café is a fully catered and instructive, but above all enjoyable evening for SketchUp Pro users (from starter to extremely experienced) to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. In addition, there will be several SketchUp Pro Experts around which you can submit your question(s). In short, an evening that you as a fervent SketchUp Pro user should not miss!

Details SketchUp Pro Café

Date: September 4, 2018
Time: from 19:30 until 22:00 (dinner in advance optional)
Location: Ribs Factory Amersfoort
Address: Hof 11, Amersfoort
Tickets: available through EventBrite

Ticket Sales

See you September 4th!

Design8 bv will be present on ARCHITECT@WORK 2018. The mission of ARCHITECT@WORK is to provide much more than a simple platform for architects and interior designers. At ARCHITECT@WORK, considerable focus is laid on the exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas. ARCHITECT@WORK 2018 will be held on Wednesday September 12 and Thursday September 13, 2018 (13:00-20:00) at the Ahoy Rotterdam.

Kubity Introduction

At ARCHITECT@WORK, Design8 bv will present Kubity Pro. Kubity is the first mixed reality platform for SketchUp Pro! Virtual and Augmented Reality combined in one user-friendly and affordable application. With Kubity you can share your SketchUp Pro models easily with your customers. The models can be viewed through the Kubity website, desktop application or mobile app. Headsets as the Cardboard (mobile), GearVR (mobile), HTC Vive (desktop) and Oculus Rift (desktop) are supported.

See you then!

Visiting Design8 bv on ARCHITECT@WORK 2018 is completely free! Click on this link for free registration, use code 80046 and visit us at booth number 53. See you then!

The developer of Profile Builder has officially released a new version of this useful Extension: version 3! Profile Builder 3 contains lots of new tools and features designed to help you create smart profiles within SketchUp:

  • Build Along Multiple Paths - Profile builder now allows you the ability to extrude profiles along multiple different paths at one time.
  • Build Discontinous - This allows you to set your joints where objects turn as individual objects, rather than just one continuous object. In addition, you can adjust whether the profile follows around the curve, or if it starts a new profile at the junctions.
  • Auto Assembler - Auto Assemble will try to create an assembly based on an example object you’ve drawn.
  • Span Assemblies - spans are basically assemblies that are anchored between adjacent component parts. This allows sag, curve, etc.
  • Hole Tool - This tool allows you to cut holes in profiles you’ve created.
  • Set Height of Assemblies - You can now adjust the height of various assemblies simply by entering a new value in the height box in the Assembly dialog, allowing quick height adjustments.
  • Live Profile Editing - This option allows you to select a profile, then adjust it so that all instances adjust automatically without you having to go back and adjust them individually.
  • Split/Edit Complex Members - Allows you to split different parts of extruded profiles into their own objects

Try & Buy

Request your 30-day demo version for Profile Builder 3 here (you will be redirected to the website of the developer) and be surprised by the many possibilities of this Extension!


Profile Builder version 3 has a suggested retail price of € 69 excl. VAT and is available through our extensive reseller channel. If you are already an user of version 2 of Profile Builder, you can upgrade your license for only € 49,- excl. VAT.

With the official release of Thea Render for SketchUp v2, this high-end render extension will be available at Design8 bv from now on!

Why Thea Render for SketchUp v2?

  • High-end rendering solution for SketchUp Pro with extensive possibilities;
  • Choose from different render engines - from quick and dirty to slow and very accurate;
  • Render in the SketchUp Viewport and blend the outcome for artistic images;
  • Adjustable lighting after rendering;
  • Customizable workspace;
  • Animation support;
  • Save setting per SketchUp scene.

New in Thea Render for SketchUp v2

  • Denoiser
    Optix Denoiser from NVIDIA to remove noise from renders.
  • Integrated Material Editor
    Adjust advanced material setting right within the Thea toolbar.
  • Modular User Interface
    Set up your own workspace for the Thea window. You decide which tool boxes will be shown at which place.
  • Tonemapping
    Several tonemapping options to restore the lighting balance and therewith certain details in your scenes.
  • And much more...
    • Built-in online material library
    • Render Nodes for networked rendering
    • AMD GPU for Mac OpenCL
    • CUDA 9

Read more about Thea Render for SketchUp v2 here.


If you are already interested in buying or demoing Thea Render for SketchUp, please click one of the buttons below for a demo download or a map with resellers in your neighborhood.

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