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2017 news from the Design8 Team.

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New Sefaira: Better Collaboration & Passive Design

May 17, 2017

The newest version of Sefaira Architecture delivers greater opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, enhanced functionality for passive design and increased control and granularity in analysis.


This upgrade features three great benefits for designers who want to create high-performing buildings:

Greater Team Collaboration
Architects, specialists, and engineers can now collaborate seamlessly on the same project, ensuring performance goals are defined early, reducing the risk of missing performance targets, and strengthening the relationship between architect and engineer. This is made possible by Sefaira’s application of the U.S. Department of Energy’s respected EnergyPlus™ analysis engine in both Sefaira Architecture and Sefaira Systems.

Deeper Passive Design
Improved natural ventilation and thermal comfort, as well as a new free area assessment feature let you test key passive design strategies early in the design process. Quickly compare the performance impacts of fixed versus operable glazing, exterior shading or various window-to-wall ratios to maximize your building’s performance potential.

More Granular Analysis
This new release also unlocks room-level and zone-level analysis for all designers. This means you have even more detailed control over your analysis and greater confidence in your conclusions, all within a tool that supports the fast, iterative decision-making of early-stage design.

Try Sefaira

Read here how Sefaira works. You can't download Sefaira directly from the internet. Please send us an e-mail to request a trial account

More information about Sefaira

Please contact us on phone number +31-344-577884 or send us an e-mail.


New! SharkCAD v10: more tools and more speed

May 9, 2017

A new version of Shark in a new jacket: SharkCAD (Pro) v10 is available for download as from today and offers you more tools, more speed and more compatibility.

What's New in SharkCAD v10

SharkCAD v10 adds a variety of new features that improves performance, productivity and versatility:

New Name
  • Shark FX is now named SharkCAD Pro
  • Shark LT is now named SharkCAD

New Tools

  • Magnet Tool (video)
  • Pocket Hole (video)
  • Repair Profile
  • 3D Print Tool Palette
  • Mesh Subdivision Tools (PRO)

Tool Enhancements

  • Mesh Symmetry (video)
  • Updated Bill of Materials
  • Thumbweight Blending (video) (PRO)


  • Rapid Render Wood
  • KeyShot Live Linking (video)


  • SketchUp Export
  • SketchUp 2017 Import
  • 3D PDF Export (video)
  • Updated Neutral Translators (IGES, STEP, SAT, SAB)
  • Updated Native PC Translators (SolidWorks, NX, SolidEdge, CATIA, ProE, ParaSolids)
  User Interface
  • Infinite Plane Resizing (video)
  • Assign commands to right button (video)
  • Right Click Change Pen Width
  • Right Click Change Pen Pattern
  • Enhanced Gripper Tool
  • Enhanced Selections
  • Snap to solid
  • Recall Backups
  • Paste original layer
  • International Language Selection (work in progress)

2D Drawings

  • Dynamic Zoom/Pan in Draw Views
  • Show/hide layers in Draw Views


  • Updated ACIS Modeling Kernel
  • Improved Repaint Performance
  • Multi-threaded facetting (faster mesh regenerations)
  • Multi-threaded Translators (STEP, IGES, SAB)

Try & Buy

Click here to download SharkCAD (Pro) v10 and give this new version a try! Convinced of the possibilities? Place your order in our webshop and you will be modeling with SharkCAD (Pro) v10 tomorrow!

Happy Modeling with SharkCAD (Pro) v10!


Change in SketchUp Pro upgrade policy

Update: April 25, 2017

More than 60% discount on your SketchUp Pro upgrade / renewal? Yes, please!

After June 21, 2017, the upgrade policy for SketchUp Pro will change. With the new upgrade policy it will no longer be possible to upgrade any license of SketchUp Pro version 8 or earlier to the latest version of SketchUp Pro. Also, if the Maintenance on your license has expired for more than 3 years, you will not be able to renew the Maintenance anymore. So, take advantage of the current upgrade policy now and save on your SketchUp Pro renewal! You can order your upgrade through one of our dedicated resellers or contact us for the upgrade possibilities.

New Upgrade & Renewal Pricing

As from June 21, 2017, the following prices for upgrading and renewing licenses (excl. VAT and per license/seat) will apply:

Standalone licenses:
Regular Maintenance renewal
Maintenance expired less than 1 year
Maintenance expired 1 to 3 years
Maintenance expired more than 3 years
SketchUp Pro v8 or earlier

Networked licenses:
Regular Maintenance renewal
Maintenance expired less than 1 year
Maintenance expired 1 to 3 years
Maintenance expired more than 3 years
SketchUp Pro v8 or earlier

  Current price:
€ 122,-
€ 183,-
€ 244,-
€ 244,-
€ 244,-

€ 202,-
€ 303,-
€ 404,-
€ 404,-
€ 404,-

  Price after 21-06-2017:
€ 122,-
€ 183,-
€ 244,-
€ 702,-1
€ 702,-1

€ 202,-
€ 303,-
€ 404,-
€ 1.564,-2
€ 1.564,-2

1 Price of a new license including 1 year of Maintenance
2 Price of a new network license including 1 year of Maintenance, minimum order quantity is 5 seats!

MODO 11 officially available!

April 21, 2017

MODO 11 is officially available and delivers enhanced modeling workflows, accelerated performance and improved productivity!

What's New in MODO 11?

Performance and Efficiency Improvements
Modo 11.0 delivers accelerated performance across a number of key areas:
  • Support for OpenSubdiv 3 delivers faster deformations;
  • Animation caching speeds up display;
  • Localized evaluation for MeshFusion improves interactivity;
  • Instances are drawn faster.

A large number of workflow enhancements also increase artist productivity, including:

  • Improvements to the game exporter;
  • The ability to duplicate elements while transforming them interactively;
  • New selection methods in the Item List.

Modeling Workflow Enhancements
Reinforcing its position as a best-in-class modeling solution, Modo 11.0 offers new MeshFusion features that include:

  • The ability to cut, copy and paste Fusion items;
  • Enhancements to Auto Retopology including a new Adaptive mode and Curvature metric;
  • A number of improvements to procedural modeling workflows;
  • A brush preview for painting and sculpting tools;
  • A new customizable Tool HUD for faster access to the tools you use the most.

Better Out-of-the-Box Experience

  • Streamlined installation experience and login-based licensing;
  • Included rigs for procedural modeling;
  • New render setting presets and better defaults that make it easier to create high-quality, noise-free renderings without specialist expertise;
  • An emphasis on fixing known issues;
  • Easier access to your recent projects, training videos and online help;
  • The ability to run Modo in safe mode for debugging purposes.

NEW: Maintenance & Subscription

To stay up-to-date with MODO, Foundry has introduced:
  • MODO Subscription
    Annual license of the latest version of MODO, helping you budget your software costs. Updates, new releases and technical support are free while your subscription is still valid.
  • MODO Maintenance
    Perpetual licenses now come with a first year of maintenance included, but you can also attach maintenance to your existing MODO license(s). Updates, new releases and technical support are free while your maintenance is still valid.


Click here to download MODO 11 and give this new version a try.

Convinced of the possibilities?

Click here for all MODO 11 prices.

Happy Modeling!

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